Is it necessary to use pet car seat cover?
Best Choice for Car Owners--- Pet Car Seat Cover
Many car owners who have pets have such problem, It's rare to have a vacation and go out, hoping to travel with your loved pets and fearing they'll mess up the car. It's quite a dilemma when your mind comes out of the picture, a car full of flying hair, saliva everywhere, wet and disorderly paw print...
Therefore, the owner who often takes a dog to travel may wish to prepare a car pet pad, which is placed on the back seat of the car to prevent the pet from getting dirty inside the car, and also prevents the pet from crawling forward to interfere with driving.

Three Steps to choose a suitable car seat cover.
Step 1
Whether your pet is a small pet like a cat or a small dog, or a large pet like a big dog?
Small pets are generally suitable for pet mats that can be placed in the front seat; Large pets are suitable for pet mats that can be placed in the back seat.

Step 2,  
There are two kinds of pet mats, one is pure cushion type, which is directly laid to cover the seat, suitable for small pets; the other is bag type, the hook can be hung on the roof and headrest, and the brakes will not let the pet fall. Under the seat, suitable for medium and large pets.

Step 3
Choosing pet mats based on your needs and preferences. Then come to us!We will provide you best products and services for you!


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